Upgrading to 1.7.0

This document is intended for developers, to help with the process of upgrading to version 1.7.0 of Open SDG, from 1.6.0 or higher.

Upgrade data repository to sdg-build 1.7.0

In your data repository, update your requirements.txt file to:


Upgrade translations to sdg-translations 1.7.0

In your data repository's config file, update the version of sdg-translations in the "translations" section:

  - class: TranslationInputSdgTranslations
    source: https://github.com/open-sdg/sdg-translations.git
    tag: 1.7.0

Update version of Open SDG to 1.7.0

In your site repository's _config.yml file, update the version of Open SDG in remote_theme, like so:

remote_theme: open-sdg/open-sdg@1.7.0

Update version of jekyll-open-sdg-plugins to 1.7.0

In your site repository's Gemfile, update the version of jekyll-open-sdg-plugins like so:

gem "jekyll-open-sdg-plugins", "1.7.0"

This release contains a custom layout for 404 (page-not-found) pages. If you would like to use this layout, navigate to the _pages folder in the site repository and create a new file. As a guide you can use the 404 page in the starter repository. Ensure that the permalink for the new page is 404.html, just like it is in the starter repository.

GitHub security policy change on 11 January 2022

Around the time of this release, GitHub instituted a new security policy which may affect older installations of Open SDG. For more information, please see these instructions on how to fix problems caused by this change.