Data sources

Out of the box, the data starter includes the data and metadata as CSV and YAML files, respectively.

SDG Build

This data and metadata is processed by a Python library called sdg-build. This library can input data/metadata from a variety of sources, and then outputs them in the format expected by Open SDG.

Data repository config file

If you are using the out-of-the-box CSV/YAML approach mentioned above, you can take advantage of using a configuration file in your data repository. For an example of using this approach, see this example in the sdg-build documentation.

Alternative data sources

You may want to maintain your data and/or metadata in some other way. With the help of the sdg-build library, there are additional options available for Open SDG.

NOTE: If using any of these alternative data sources, the "config file" approach mentioned above will not work.


Your data repository can contain SDMX files, either of the SDMX-ML or the SDMX-JSON format. Alternatively, your data repository can "point" to a remote SDMX API endpoint. Examples can be found in the sdg-build documentation.


Your data repository can point to a CKAN instance containing data in a compatible format. Examples can be found in the sdg-build documentation.