Upgrading to 1.5.0

This document is intended for developers, to help with the process of upgrading to version 1.5.0 of Open SDG, from 1.4.0 or higher.

Breaking changes

Though we strive to avoid any breaking changes, there may be a minor issue in the unlikely case that you are overriding the _includes/assets/js/accessibility.js file. In this case, you may see a duplicated non-functional contrast toggle. To resolve it, please update your overridden version to match the latest code, and then re-apply your changes.

Upgrade data repository to sdg-build 1.5.0

In your data repository, update your requirements.txt file to:


Upgrade translations to sdg-translations 1.5.0

In your data repository's config file, update the version of sdg-translations in the "translations" section:

  - class: TranslationInputSdgTranslations
    source: https://github.com/open-sdg/sdg-translations.git
    tag: 1.5.0

Update version of Open SDG to 1.5.3

Due to hotfix releases, the latest and recommended version for Open SDG is 1.5.3.

In your site repository's _config.yml file, update the version of Open SDG in remote_theme, like so:

remote_theme: open-sdg/open-sdg@1.5.3

Update version of jekyll-open-sdg-plugins to 1.5.0

In your site repository's Gemfile, update the version of jekyll-open-sdg-plugins like so:

gem "jekyll-open-sdg-plugins", "1.5.0"

In 1.5.0 we have introduced two new optional features:

  • hide_single_unit: If enabled (true) this will hide the unit of measurement toggle when there is only one choice.
  • hide_single_series: If enabled (true) this will hide the series toggle when there is only one choice.

These settings can help reduce unnecessary elements on the indicator pages, so we recommend enabling both of these.