Platform updates

For a more technical list of platform changes, see the change log.


8 April 2020

Although Open SDG has been in use and production-ready throughout its evolution, the release of version 1.0.0 brings a stable base of documentation and functionality to the platform. Sites upgrading to version 1.0.0 can enjoy the latest batch of features and fixes, as well as the security of consistent and future-proof configuration.

This release includes the following:

  • Link to Open SDG in footer
  • Configurable footer menu
  • Secondary heading on indicator pages to use indicator_available instead of graph_title
  • Ability to report indicator status by custom criteria (such as tier, agency, etc.)
  • Improved and redesigned site-wide search, including pages, goals, and indicators
  • News/post functionality - show post excerpts on news page
  • Set background to white for pages and footer
  • Add shadows to goal tiles on front page for more depth
  • Underline menu items when hovered
  • Move search box above the top navigation
  • Multilingual support extended to news/posts
  • Bug-fix to extend color-striping functionality to bar charts
  • Title-casing for navigation menu
  • More whitespace and better alignment on homepage
  • Redesign of indicator page tabs
  • Change the styling of the top banner on goal and indicator pages
  • Bug-fix: chart download button gets latest data
  • Add an introduction banner to the frontpage
  • Bulk download all data from the frontpage
  • Min/max y-axis values per unit of measurement
  • Stacked bar charts
  • Redesign of reporting status page
  • Remove goal line from indicator banner
  • Allow for a different chart title per unit of measurement
  • Allow the use of user-defined colors in charts
  • Improved support for high-contrast mode
  • More intuitive behavior with the disaggregation drop-downs
  • Guide: automatic site builds when the data changes
  • Redesign of the disclaimer, and new disclaimer-related configuration options
  • Style updates on goal pages
  • Move indicator available above indicator content
  • Audit and cleanup of the use of headings throughout the platform
  • Move colored bar to top of page
  • More whitespace around search bar/logo
  • Easier method of customising the colors in the platform ("Sass variables")
  • Standardize styling of links (color and decoration) across the platform


25 November 2019

This release includes the following:

  • More control over language-code abbreviations in URLs
  • Footer field for "Copyright"
  • More control over metadata tabs
  • Ability to hide empty metadata fields


12 September 2019

This release includes the following:

  • Visual fix for embedded indicator tabs
  • Allow min/max values for the Y axis
  • Improvements in support of indicator data without headlines


23 August 2019

This release includes the following:

  • Improved multilingual support on map regions and disaggregation selects
  • Visual fix for IE in search bar
  • Improved screen reader support
  • Better page titles for goal pages
  • Ability to set "data notices" per indicator
  • List of sources in chart footer, rather than just one
  • Allow Markdown in all metadata fields
  • Improved chart image download feature
  • Optional alternative high-contrast button


19 July 2019

This release includes the following:

  • Accessibility improvements with search and disaggregation selects
  • Optional feature for social sharing buttons on each page
  • Visual fixes in high-contrast mode
  • Hide the disaggregation sidebar when it is not in use
  • Improved support of multi-unit indicator data without headlines
  • Better handling of "0" values in indicator data


7 June 2019

This release includes the following:

  • Multilingual support extended to search results and status pages
  • Configurable Facebook link
  • Ability to more easily track on-page events in Google Analytics
  • Better support for indicators without "headline" data
  • Bug-fixes with map layers and yes/no charts
  • Accessibility improvements in footer menu and disaggregation selectors
  • Add "not applicable" as a supported option for indicator status
  • Configurable frontpage headings


4 April 2019

This release includes the following:

  • Allow control over the types of reporting status (complete, not started, etc.)
  • Multilingual support extended to data columns, disaggregation, and other areas
  • Optional 2-column goal layout
  • More control of text of metadata tabs
  • Bug-fixes with maps and search
  • More control over Google Analytics integration
  • Table accessibility improvement


8 March 2019

This release includes the following:

  • Page title bug-fix
  • Accessibility improvements in the high-contrast version of the platform
  • Search functionality tweak to improve integration with Google Analytics
  • Mulilingual support expanded to more parts of the platform
  • Goal images moved to a separate project
  • Additional mechanism for translating indicator metadata


14 January 2019

This release includes the following:

  • Configurable navigation menu
  • Revamped mapping functionality


7 January 2019

This release includes the following:

  • Automated testing
  • Documentation updates
  • Configurable Twitter link
  • Visual fix for the disclaimer component


4 December 2018

This is the initial release, consisting of code developed in collaboration between teams in the UK and the US. This release is production-ready, but further development and documentation will be done, leading up to a 1.0.0 release.