Metadata format

When editing metadata, the individual fields are associated with a particular tag. This page details what each of those tags represents. This is mostly relevant for developers of the site, but users will also find it useful if they are adding additional "Raw Metadata" in the Prose interface.

Mandatory fields

Already populated from UN.STAT

Indicator name MANDATORY

Target name MANDATORY

Target number MANDATORY

UN designated tier RECOMMENDED

UN custodian agency RECOMMENDED

Link to UN metadata RECOMMENDED

Link to UN metadata text RECOMMENDED

Require populating

Geographical coverage MANDATORY

Unit of measurement MANDATORY

Reporting status (needs to be complete')' MANDATORY

Graph type (line by default) MANDATORY

Graph title MANDATORY

data_non_statistical (true/false) MANDATORY

Source 1 active (checkbox) RECOMMENDED

Source 1: Organisation RECOMMENDED

Source 1: Link to data source RECOMMENDED

Source 1: Link to data source text RECOMMENDED

The rest are optional fields (incl. data sources 2-6)

Metadata Groups

National Metadata

Tag Description
national_indicator_available Actual indicator available
national_indicator_description Actual indicator description
national_indicator_periodicity Indicator periodicity
national_earliest_available_data Earliest available data
national_geographical_coverage Geographic coverage
admin_release_date Release date
admin_next_release Next release date
admin_statistical_classification Statistical classification
computation_disaggregation Disaggregation
comments_limitations Comments and limitations
admin_contact_details Contact details
tags Tags shown under indicators

Method of Computation Metadata

Tag Description
computation_units Units of Measure
computation_calculations Calculations
computation_numerator Numerator
computation_denominator Denominator

Global Metadata

Tag Description
indicator_name Indicator name
indicator Indicator number
target Target name
target_id Target number
indicator_definition Global indicator description
un_designated_tier UN designated tier
un_custodial_agency UN custodial agency
goal_meta_link Link to UN metadata
goal_meta_link_text The text to show instead of the URL

Data Sources Metadata

These metadata tags for the sources are available for 3 separate sources at the moment (replace the # with a 1, 2 or 3).

Tag Description
source_active_# Binary indicator stating whether the source is availble - should be true or false
source_organisation_# Organisation
source_periodicity_# Periodicity
source_earliest_available_# Earliest available data
source_geographical_coverage_# Geographical coverage
source_url_# Link to data source
source_url_text_# The text to show instead of the URL
source_release_date_# Release date
source_next_release_# Next release date
source_statistical_classification_# Statistical classification
source_contact_# Contact details
source_other_info_# Other information

Data Info

These are not displayed on the website but affect how it is laid out.

Tag Description
reporting_status One of notstarted (red), inprogress (amber), complete (green), or notapplicable (gray).
data_non_statistical true or false flag. Non-statistical data does not have csv or graphs.

Graph Metadata

Some additional tags are available for the graphs, including the graph type and the graph title. Currently only longitudinal graphs are available but more are planned. These tags are experimental. Graph tags do not show up on the web page as metadata; we will use them in the future for setting how a graphic should render, some extra labels etc.

Tag Description
graph_type One of line or bar
graph_title The title to be shown on the graph
graph_min_value The lowest value to be shown on the y-axis
graph_max_value The highest value to be shown on the y-axis

These fields appear (as well as the 'Geographical coverage' and the 'Unit of measurement') below the graph and the table.

Tag Description
data_footnote Additional information on the data
copyright Information about the copyright

Embedded Feature Metadata

You may want to add an additional feature which isn't created from data, such as an iframe. You can create an extra tab to display this feature by adding the following tags to the metadata file.

Tag Description
embedded_feature_tab_title Tab title e.g. Embedded Chart
embedded_feature_title The title to be shown above the embedded feature
embedded_feature_url URL of feature that you want to embed
embedded_feature_footer Information about the embedded feature which displays below embed

Non-Standard Information

In the Prose editor, you can add free Markdown text in the same file as the metadata. This is the edit section in prose and is part of the metadata. In the raw .md file this is the content underneath the yaml header. You can add any content you like in this section and the content will be converted to html and placed above the graph near the top of the screen.

A guide to writing Markdown is here and you can write your own tables, lists, links, headings, and so on. This is a useful place to add information about an indicator that doesn't fit in with the rest of the metadata.

Data Notice

You may want to display some very important information which site viewers must keep in mind when using the data provided. To display a notice above the graph in a coloured box, you can use the following fields within the metadata file.

Tag Description
data_notice_heading Title of data notice
data_notice_text Text you want to display within the notice
data_notice_class One of success(green), warning (amber) or danger (red)