What is a national reporting platform?

A national reporting platform (NRP) refers to an integrated web site, databases, and associated IT infrastructure to gather, host, secure, and display information. This platform is focused on the collection and dissemination of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicator statistics, metadata and other related information including data sources. In order to conform with the UN’s Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics, the minimum characteristics an SDG NRP should have are that it should:

  • Be managed by national statistical offices.
  • Feature official statistics and metadata according to established standard methodology.
  • Be publically accessible.
  • Allow for feedback from data users.
  • Feature open source (free) technology.

Why choose an NRP?

An NRP tool facilitates national reporting by improving communication:

  • Gather, disseminate, and track national data on the SDG indicators, including identification of data gaps.
  • Report national data to be harmonized for international purposes (i.e. global indicator database).
  • Improve access to official statistics and metadata.
  • Improve communication between data providers, NSOs, custodian agencies, and other stakeholders.

What does the NRP cost?

Absolutely nothing! You are free to use this platform and modify it in any way you feel is necessary to facilitate your country's or region's needs. This NRP is built soley upon open-source technologies and so there are no software costs. The only hardware costs are the machine(s) you choose to use to create your own version of this site. See the quick start for details on how to set up the platform using free automation from CircleCI and free hosting from Github. Minimal staff time to copy, adapt, populate, and maintain the platform is also needed, and can be handled by part-time web developers, statisticians, and managers.

What are the IT requirements?

For a high-level summary of the technologies used by this platform, see here.

There are ultimately two contributing users of the NRP: data managers/providers and developers. Data managers and providers do not need anything other than a computer with an internet connection and a web browser. Developers will need more software to be able to build the website on their local machine to test any changes they make before making these changes live; these requirements are detailed here.