Welcome to the Open SDG community

UN SDG Colour Wheel

Open SDG is a reporting platform developed for managing and publishing data and statistics related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is built exclusively with open-source libraries and tools and can be hosted and maintained using free services. Though the platform itself is available at no cost, it can be modified to fit a variety of user needs, and comes with many customizable tools and features including:

  • Data that can be downloaded in machine-readable formats
  • Several options for data visualizations: graphs, data tables, and maps
  • Data management capabilities and tools that can display the percentage of indicators with statistics that are being reported online, statistics that are in progress, and statistics that are currently being explored for each goal
  • Availability in all official UN languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, and Spanish. Additional languages are currently being added through SDG Translations

All of these features make the Open SDG platform a low-cost, high-feature option for SDG reporting. We hope this documentation is helpful for getting your Open SDG project started. Please reach out to us on GitHub if you have comments, feedback, or want to get involved with the Open SDG community.